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The Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise gives a very different perspective of the city's skyline. The harbor cruise is definitely fun and enjoyable but it also showcases Amsterdam's history, culture and heritage.

The Harbor Cruise lasts for about 90 minutes and it is led by a friendly and experienced guide. During the cruise you get to learn all about the Port of Amsterdam and the city's architectural heritage from a very unique perspective. The Harbor Cruise offers an interesting sight as the guests watch all kinds of vessels come and go. With the Amsterdam Harbor Cruise you also get to explore the Dutch countryside including visiting quaint Heritage villages such as Zaanse Schan.

What to expect at Harbor Cruises

What to expect at Harbor Cruises

In an Amsterdam Harbor Cruise a large tour ship sets sail on a fixed route and you get to see Amsterdam City from a very different perspective. On the harbor cruise you get to see large spaces and industrial spots as well as recent architectural developments in the city. The Amsterdam harbor cruise is an interesting contrast to the canal cruises of Amsterdam.

Sights covered on your Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise

Amsterdam Canal
Amsterdam Canal

the Amsterdam canals gives a picture perfect vision of the city. Created in the 17th century, these canals have become one of the most sought after attractions in Amsterdam. At night these canals and the bridges across them are lit up with fairy lights giving them a surreal, fairytale feel to the whole ambience. The Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise takes you on an unforgettable tour of some of the most prominent attractions of the city such as the Port of Amsterdam, Zaan River, Zaanse Schan, etc.

Port of Amsterdam
Port of Amsterdam

The Port of Amsterdam was built in the 13th century and today it is the largest cocoa and gasoline port. The Amsterdam harbor cruise takes you to those amazing places that are accessible only to commercial vehicles. The Port of Amsterdam is the 4th busiest port in Europe in terms of cargo and the second largest in the Netherlands. On the Amsterdam Harbor Cruise you get to Cruise between large cargo ships and get a glimpse of massive warehouses where cocoa beans are kept. Amongst many unique views you get to see a car terminal that produces over 200,000 cars a year.

Zaan River
Zaan River

The Zaan River runs about a 13.5 km stretch and was originally a part of the IJ Bay. The Zaan River forms an integral part of Netherlands' geography heritage and culture. Over time several towns and cities have developed along the banks of the Zaan River. As you cruise along the Zaan river in your Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise you will come across some very interesting sights such as the iconic windmills, lush green meadows, and colorful wooden rustic houses.

Zaanse Schan
Zaanse Schan

The Zaanse Schan got its name from the Zaan River, which is a beautiful residential area where the Dutch golden age is brought to life. A day out at this place is a pleasant and educational experience. Major attractions here are the Cheese Factory, the Bakery Museum, Wooden Houses, Mills, Barnes and lots of Windmills. Most of the characteristic wooden village houses have now been turned into museums or workshops. However these types of wooden houses are still there and most of them are private residences of those living in the Zaanse Schan.

Plan Your Visit to Amsterdam Harbor Cruises

Essential Information
Visitor Tips
Essential Information

Opening hours of the harbor cruise:

Monday to Sunday - 9:30am to 17:30.

First boarding is at 9:30 am and last boarding is at 4:00 pm.

How to Reach:

The Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise boarding point are:

  • Opposite dock of Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 45 (NDSM wharf)
  • Mt. Ondinaweg 30, 1033 RG Amsterdam, Netherlands.

You can reach here by taking the free ferry to the NDSM wharf on purple line F4 from the Amsterdam Central Station.


What are the famous sights covered in Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise?

    Port of Amsterdam: The Port of Amsterdam is an important part of the country's history, culture and heritage. What makes the Amsterdam Harbor Cruise unique is you get to see locations and attractions that are accessible only for large commercial ships. On this Cruise you get to see large cocoa warehouses, circular hubs, and sail between cargo ships while learning about the history and future of this Port.

    Amsterdam Canals: the quintessential Amsterdam Canals forms a very important part of the Amsterdam Harbor Cruise the view of the city's attractions from the canals give a very different perspective of Amsterdam.

    Zaanse Schan: The Zaanse Scan is a beautiful residential area that takes you back to 18th and 19th century Netherlands. Major attractions here are the bakery museum, cheese factory, colorful wooden houses, windmills, etc.

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