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Get ready to explore some of the most iconic landmarks of canal city with Amsterdam sightseeing cruises. You can choose from a whole array of cruises and take in the amazing sights as you go.

Amsterdam canal cruises offer an amazing range of experiences for visitors of all ages. You can choose from a morning canal cruise combined with a fabulous breakfast on board. A relaxing day cruise with a fantastic menu which offers a choice of pizza or gouda cheese tasting. You have a captain onboarding who is channeling the boat while you enjoy a drink on a booze cruise. You can choose to book a romantic evening cruise and enjoy the amazing views of lit landmarks along the canal and bridges.

Learn about Amsterdam with the help of an expert guide to point out historic points of interest and share fun facts about the city. Canal tours are available in several languages and most offer audio guides.

Various options for Amsterdam Sightseeing Cruises

Amsterdam open boat Canal Cruise - live guide from Anne Frank House

Experience the beauty of Amsterdam's canals in a comfortable and luxurious electric boat. Settle down in comfortably cushioned seats, get cozy with the blankets that are provided while you enjoy a drink or two from the cash bar.

These Amsterdam sightseeing cruises depart from the Anne Frank House several times on a daily basis. The cruise includes a live skipper and guide, a ride on a luxury boat, small group of people and amazing canal views available on purchase. You can enjoy a quiet ride as you pass several landmark attractions such as Museum Quarter, the Jordaan, Houseboat Museum, Negen Straatjes, and several others.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise in classic river boat with drinks and Dutch cheese

Enjoy a relaxing Cruise down the famous Amsterdam Canal with your Amsterdam sightseeing Cruises. This 60 minute joyride is on a classic wooden saloon boat which you can enjoy with drinks and some delicious Dutch cheese. Sit back and take in the sights of the beautiful landmarks of Amsterdam as you sip on your drinks and listen to the live guide telling you about the history and significance of these landmarks.

Your wine and cheese canal Cruise includes a skipper and live guide, ride on a luxury boat, choice of two different types of Dutch Cheese and alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Major attractions you will be passing by are Anne Frank House, the Jordaan, Houseboat Museum, Hermitage Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not and several others.

Amsterdam 1 hour Canal Cruise from Central Station

Explore the attractions of the city from the water with one of the best Canal Cruise Amsterdam. With this Cruise you have the advantage of skipping past any lines and getting ready to begin your exploration on board with a glass-topped canal river boat. Glide past some amazing attractions, pass under beautiful bridges and learn about the heritage buildings and landmarks from the audio guide in multiple languages for your one hour tour.

Amsterdam open boat tour with live guide and unlimited drinks

One of the best ways to explore the beauty of Amsterdam and its various attractions is by boarding an Amsterdam sightseeing Cruise. You get to view the city from a very different perspective and unlike other tours this Cruise includes unlimited Heineken beer, wine and soft drinks. It has several departure times throughout the day making it convenient to add to your itinerary according to your convenience.

The Cruise also includes a 10 minutes stop at the Hermitage Museum with free admission tickets and a 5 minutes stop at Brouwerij de Prael. Other attractions that you will be passing by include Ice Amsterdam, Nemo Science Museum, Westerkerk, and more. The cruise includes unlimited Heineken beer, wines and soft drinks, local guide, 100% electric boats, toilet and coffee and/or tea.

Blue boat company Amsterdam City Canal Cruise

Indulge in a 75 minute sightseeing Cruise by boarding a comfortable glass-topped river boat. The Cruises showcase an Amsterdam that is rooted to its history and culture but constantly changing and adapting itself to the modern world. This amazing cruise takes you past several attractions of Amsterdam like Anne Frank House, Westerkerk, Canal Ring, and others. An audio commentary which relates the rich history and cultural heritage of Amsterdam is included in this tour.

Amsterdam evening Canal Cruise including pizza and drinks

An Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise is a unique and exciting way to view the attractions of Amsterdam. The canals of the city turns into a fairy land at dusk when the sides and bridges are all lit up in vibrant lights. What makes this cruise more awesome is its freshly oven- baked pizza and drinks that you can whet your appetite with while enjoying the river view. You get to select from 5 different Pizza options which are accompanied by two drinks that are included in your Amsterdam Canal Cruise. As you cruise along the canals you can listen to some interesting live commentary on the attractions of this wonderful city.

Sights Covered on Your Sightseeing Cruises

Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam canals cover quite a large section of the city and run alongside several important monuments of the place. This makes the Amsterdam canals one of the most important and most visited tourist attractions in the city. These canals offer an amazing experience offering cultural value which is unique to the city. You can enjoy your experience of these canals by picking the best Canal Cruise Amsterdam, as there are a diverse fleet of boats and Cruises and you have multiple options to choose from.

Amstel River

Amsterdam gets its name from the Amstel River, which runs through the city and whose water is diverted into the canals of Amsterdam. The best way to explore the river is on a boat or a cruise. As your boat follows the river you will go past several major attractions such as the Hermitage Museum, the Royal theater and the Magere Brug. Amstel River leads on to the countryside where there are several quaint villages and hamlets settled on its banks that are truly worthy of a visit.

Magere Brug

The Magere Brug built across the Amstel River is one of the most famous bridges in Amsterdam. Until 1994 the bridge was opened and closed by two Bridge operators and this was quite a task. The two bridge halves have to be aligned properly when they close and this was done manually. Now the Magere Brug is famous for its wonderful design and spectacular lighting. Every evening the bridge is lit up with over 1800 lights casting a spellbinding reflection in the river.

De Negen Straatjes

De Negen Straatjes is a beautiful part of Amsterdam and it is located right in the center of the canal belt. These are well known shopping streets with small boutiques and exclusive shops. These streets are full of fascinating monuments, authentic stores, and quaint cafes and restaurants with outside seating arrangements. In addition to these, you will also find home decor and design stores, gift shops, art galleries and so much more, making Negen Straatjes truly a Shoppers Paradise.

Dancing Houses

The Dancing Houses along Damrak is the oldest section of the city of Amsterdam, which are a row of tall, narrow buildings that dates back to the 17th century. Some of these houses tilt really far forward that it looks as if it would collapse anytime. But there was a purpose to this tilt, in earlier days the city used to be prone to flooding and the stairs of these buildings were really steep and narrow. The best way to get things upstairs was from outside by using a cantilevered beam and hook. The houses were tilted forward so that these items do not collide with the building facade on their way up.

Anne Frank House

For more than two years Anne Frank and her family hid in the annex of the building at Prinsengracht during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. This is where Anne’s father, Otto Frank, also had his business. Now the rooms at the Anne Frank House are empty but they still reflect the ambience of that period of time. Quotations from the diary, historical documents, pictures, films and several original objects that belonged to the Frank family relate the events that took place here then. Anne’s original diary and other notebooks are there on display in the museum.

Nemo Museum

NEMO Science Museum is the largest science museum in the Netherlands and it fascinates both adults and children with its hi-tech exhibits and the wonders of science. It gives the opportunity to visitors of all age groups to discover the world of science and technology for themselves. NEMO Museum takes you to discover simple everyday things such as how bridges work, how mirages work, how lightning is created and many more. Learn using the interactive exhibits yourself. There are several workshops, videos, experiments and demonstrations to indulge your curiosity.

Maritime Museum

The Amsterdam National Maritime Museum, is located near the city's old harbor. The Museum has a rich and unique collection of maritime artifacts which has been divided into several smaller exhibits based on different themes, such as ‘See You in the Golden Age’, ‘Voyage at Sea’, and ‘The Ship Decorations’. The Museum also has themes designed for kids above 6 years of age, for example - ‘The Tale of the Whale’, ‘My Expo', ‘Sal and Yori' and 'Circus Sea’.

Royal Theater Carre

Carré is a famous theater in Amsterdam and it is located in an imposing Neo-Renaissance building along the River. Theater Carré was opened in 1887 by circus director and entrepreneur Oscar Carré and it was originally built as a circus building. Now it is mainly used for musicals, cabaret performances and concerts. It was built on 1,450 wooden piles and the elegant square-shaped building has a fabulous interior with a beautifully decorated auditorium. The seating arrangements are placed in a horse-shoe style to accommodate 2,000 people for the shows in Carré.

Tips for Visitors

  • Make sure to check the details in your Amsterdam Sightseeing Cruise tickets before purchasing to confirm timings, redemption point, boarding point, inclusions, and exclusions for your cruise.

  • Make sure you reach the boarding point at least 15 minutes before the departure time.

  • Temperatures tend to drop once your Cruise begins, hence make sure you dress appropriately for it.

  • Book your tickets online as the cruise tickets are mostly sold out at the ticket counters.

  • Carry a few snacks and a bottle of water with you especially if you are traveling with kids. Outside food is however not allowed onboarding except those available near the ticket counters.


What are the famous sights covered in the Amsterdam Sightseeing Cruise?

Sights you will encounter in the Amsterdam sightseeing Cruise are Amstel River, Magere Brugs, Royal Theater Carre, Maritime Museum, Hermitage Museum, Golden Bend, the Dancing Houses, Anne Frank House, De Negen Straatjes, Nemo Science Museum and many more.

Is it important to book Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets in advance?

No, it is not really necessary to book your Amsterdam Canal Cruise in advance. But most of the time tickets at the counter are sold out which may inconvenience your plans. Tickets are available online and it is highly recommended to book in advance to secure your bookings.

What is the duration for canal cruises in Amsterdam?

Depending on your choice of cruises and packages your Amsterdam Canal Cruise duration could be between 1 hour to 2 hours.

Is the Amsterdam Canal Cruise wheelchair accessible?

Quite a few boating companies provide wheelchair access on the canal Cruise. But you will need to inform them beforehand while making your bookings. Provisions will be made accordingly and you can enjoy your Cruise hassle free.

Is the Amsterdam Canal Cruise worth experiencing?

Yes, the Amsterdam canal cruise is completely worth it. Amsterdam Canals are an iconic part of the city's heritage and any trip to Amsterdam is incomplete without the Canal Cruise. These canal journeys give you a very different outlook of the city as you glide past its many attractions. The evening Cruises just get better when the canal sides and bridges are all lit up with fairy lights.

Can I feel seasick during the Amsterdam Canal Cruise?

It is not likely that you would feel seasick during your Amsterdam Canal Cruise as the boat just glides along the canals and the canal water is usually very calm.


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